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The following Letter to the Editor from our chair, Peg Watkins, was published in the Delaware Gazette on July 2, 2020.

During his 2016 Delaware campaign rally, Donald Trump promised that Ohioans would have “great health care at a fraction of the cost”. But instead of working to protect our care, the Trump Administration continues to undercut the Affordable Care Act — and Ohioans are paying the price.

In 2018, there were about 744,000 Ohioans uninsured. Under Trump’s failed leadership,  100,000 more Ohioans lost coverage compared to the 640,000 Ohioans without health insurance in 2016. In addition, Ohioans on average saw a $2,210 annual premium increase. When people cannot afford health insurance, they put off getting health care. We all pay more when sick people go untreated until they are risking their lives and spreading illness to others.

While Ohioans are struggling to pay their medical bills, Donald Trump is working to take away the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. Rather than looking for ways to provide some relief to our citizens, he is working to protect the interests of the for-profit health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. 

As he focuses on his re-election rather than serving the American public, Donald Trump makes grandiose promises that he has no intention of keeping, and promotes government actions that serve a few elites rather than the majority of Americans. We need to elect a President who will fight to lower drug costs, protect people with pre-existing conditions, and ensure all Ohioans have access to affordable quality health care.

Peg Watkins, Chair

Delaware County Democratic Party