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The Legislative Watch is intended to keep readers up-to-date with key legislation moving through the Ohio State House. Read about which bills you should be keeping an eye one.

Call To Action: There are seven gun safety bills pending in the Ohio Statehouse right now. Let’s call for hearings on these important bills.

Call Chairman Lang at (614) 466-8550, ask him to schedule a hearing on HB 240 with the House Criminal Justice Committee.

HB 240 would ensure firearms are stored safely and securely out of the reach of minors.

Call Chairman Coley at (614) 466-8072, ask him to schedule a hearing on SB 19, 43, 62, 63, 64, and 65

SB 19 would allow household members, family, and law enforcement officials to obtain a court order to temporarily restrict an individual’s access to firearms if that person poses a harmful risk to either themselves or others

SB 43 address domestic violence by the means of firearms restrictions, penalty enhancements, and enact a prohibition against strangulation

SB 62 would prohibit certain conduct regarding a multitude of items (i.e. parts, components, attachments, devices, and accessories) that increase the rate of fire (but that do not convert such weapons into automatic firearms) for semi-automatic weapons

SB 63 would require private firearm transfers to be made through a dealer, a law enforcement agency, or pursuant to a special exemption, and to require a background check for such transfers

SB 64 would raise the minimum purchasing age for firearms to 21 years of age, and to increase the penalties for improperly furnishing firearms to minors

SB 65 would regulate the transfer of firearms at gun shows

You can stay up to date with the gun reform issue tracker that Innovation Ohio has put together at http://innovationohio.org/…/ohio-legislation-watch-gun-re…/….

Compiled and edited by: Marian Jacques