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December 15, 2018 – The DCDP Holiday Party was a big hit as over 130 Delaware Dems came together to collectively celebrate all our hard work in 2018 and to share some Holiday cheer. Special thanks to Mindy HedgesJudy CarpenterMarian JacquesDavid CarpenterLinda BehanEmily Meck, and Pam Warrick-Schkolnik for all the work they did to make this an entertaining evening. And of course our gratitude to Chair, Peg Watkins and the other Officers for hosting such a festive event. Historic Merrick Hall on the OWU campus was the backdrop for the Party. A savory selection of buffet-style hors d’oeuvres were the bill of fare, with more than enough pastry and sweets to tempt even the most calorie conscious, served up mostly by the Holiday Party committee.  It was fun evening as we donned our Holiday apparel, and enjoyed each others’ company while strengthening our Party bonds. See pictures from the event on the DCDP Facebook page.

Peg kicked off the evening welcoming all the guests and reminding everyone of all of our accomplishments over the course of the year. See “Cheers From the Chair” for more from Peg.

Next it was time for some special gifts, where several Republicans were “honored” in absentia. Our special “Elf on the Shelf”, (Judy Carpenter, AKA ‘Della Dem’, pictured with helper,  John Kovalcik) handed out these dubious gifts to some of our party attendees in lieu of their intended recipients. See the video on Facebook.

Among the “recipients” were:

  • Ed Helvey accepting for Brett Kavanaugh: A double-sided beer helmet because, well, Beers
  • Louise Valentine accepting for “ECOT-Andy” Brenner: A report card with straight F’s for doing such a great job supporting the ECOT debacle
  • Marian Jacques accepting for Kris Jordan: A Gift Certificate for Anger Management Classes because, y’know, he could’ve used them to avoid those divorce hearings
  • Spencer Dirrig accepting for Liberty Township Trustee, Melanie Leneghan: An EMS helicopter because she’ll need a new way to safely navigate to Liberty Township meetings
  • Cathi Kulik accepting The Republican Salamander Award: Representing all of Ohio’s gerrymandered districts (especially District 9, “Snake on the Lake”).
  • Brad Shimp accepting for Donald Trump: A one-way ticket to Moscow (with a layover in Saudi Arabia), to be with his BFF.
  • David Carpenter accepting for Mitch McConnell: A Turtleneck, because…has anyone ever seen Mitch McConnell’s neck?
  • Corinne Lyman accepting for Mike Pence and Mike DeWine: Complimentary Membership Cards to Planned Parenthood (Mike & Mike, one opening soon near you!)
  • Marianne Gabel accepting for Ivanka Trump: Sexy Inmate Outfit (with pre-affixed prisoner number 24601—somewhere Jean Valjean is smiling).
  • Emma Mirles-Jones accepting for Melania Trump: Business Card of Divorce Lawyer Allie Monie, to remind her of all she has missed and what she can look forward to.

Written by: Brian Jaffe