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The Gubernatorial Debate between Rich Corday and Mike DeWine?┬áThe Cincinnati Enquirer’s Jason Williams provided a “Best of Cordray” from the Sept. 19 debate after saying Cordray “shot out of the gate” in his first debate against DeWine, showing vigor and on-point messaging.

Here’s the “Best of Cordray” from the debate, according to Williams:

  • On ECOT: The Republicans “stole $189 million from the taxpayers of this state right under your nose, and you didn’t do anything about it. Now you’ve filed a lawsuit to get the money back. That’s not a protect-Ohio-lawsuit. That’s an I’m-running-for-governor lawsuit.”
  • On tackling the opioid crisis: “Asking you to be in charge of this is like asking for navigational advice from the captain of the Titanic.” Cordray’s line was popular enough that “Titanic” started trending on Twitter in Ohio.
  • More on opioids: “Your plan is to hire an opioid czar. News flash! We’ve had an opioid czar in Ohio the last eight years. His name is Mike DeWine.”