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The Delaware County Democratic Party is looking toward the 2020 elections and celebrating key gains in 2019.

In the November 2019 election, a number of Democrats were elected across Delaware County. A Democrat was the highest vote-getter and was elected to the majority-Republican Powell City Council. Westerville City Council became a Democratic majority for the first time ever with the election of three Democrats. Two new Democrats were elected to Delaware City Council. In the race for Municipal Clerk of Courts, Democrat Emma Jones earned a higher percentage of the vote in a county-wide race than any other Democrat in recent years. 

“Democrats may not have won in some hotly contested and headline-grabbing races like Municipal Court Clerk and Liberty Township Trustee, but they made huge gains,” said Peg Watkins, chair of the Delaware County Democratic Party. “Our candidates and volunteers worked harder than we’ve ever seen, putting in the time that was necessary. They raised a record amount of money, knocked on thousands of doors and listened to voters, earning record support.”

The Party saw a large increase in membership after the Nov. 2016 presidential election. Since then, the number of members on the Party’s Central Committee, members who are elected to represent each precinct to support Democratic candidates, educate voters and raise funds, has doubled. 

“Even in 2016, Delaware County voters were wary of Donald Trump. Many turned out to vote against him in the 2016 Primary, where John Kasich was the decisive winner,”  said Watkins. “Our voters are more educated and more independent in their thinking. Support for Democratic candidates is growing because we are showing that there is an alternative to single-party rule, and that ordinary citizens can make a difference. Voters want leaders who care about their communities and who will work to bring positive change.”

In Delaware County, every county-wide office is currently held by a Republican. Voters deserve to have a choice in who governs them, so we are reaching out to anyone interested in challenging single-party rule.  There are ten opportunities to run for office in Delaware County in 2020, and it’s important for anyone interested to act now, due to the earlier primary filing date of Dec. 18, 2019. Several Democrats have launched their campaigns for Ohio’s 12th congressional district seat currently held by Troy Balderson (R) and many county-wide seats will be up for election. The Party will work with qualified candidates supporting and providing training for their run for office next year.

There has been so much momentum that the Party has outgrown its downtown Delaware headquarters and is starting the new year exploring options that will embrace the growing diversity in our region.

“We look forward to welcoming new members to the Party in our fast-growing county,” added Watkins. “We are looking at more creative ways of getting Democrats organized, not depending solely on a physical location. We have volunteers all over the county, ready and absolutely thrilled to get to work to support Democratic candidates.”

Any Democrat interested in running for office should contact the chair of the Delaware County Democratic Party’s Campaigns and Candidates Committee, Jay Gupta. The deadline to file a petition to be on the ballot for the primary is December 18, 2019 at 4:00 p.m.