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Introducing Delaware County Democratic Candidates 2018
See the full slate of local, statewide, and US Democratic candidates here.


Louise Valentine for Ohio Senate District 19. After the November 2016 election, Louise Valentine’s life changed. The stark reality of gerrymandered districts, special interest money influencing election results, and candidates that put their own private interests ahead of public well-being led her to a bold decision. Louise is running for Senate District 19 because she wants to work across party lines to strengthen our schools, improve healthcare, and support small businesses & their employees. As a mom, a wife, and a working professional, (with two degrees from The Ohio State University), Louise is well-prepared to take this on.

Cory Hoffman for Ohio House District 67. Through the Naval Reserves, Cory heeded the call of civic duty because he knows democracy is not a spectator sport. He believes if Republicans and Democrats can get along in the Navy, they can do so in the General Assembly. With experience protecting Ohioans from investment fraud and working as a tax and business attorney, Cory can bring new ideas to the Statehouse. More importantly, we can be proud to have him represent us in the Ohio House. He’s an all-American, good guy–a former missionary, a loving husband to Megan, his wife; and a proud father to Mara. See Cory’s website here.


Kathleen Tate for Ohio House District 68. Kathleen is running for the state legislature in order to serve the people of Ohio, not herself. With a wealth of life experience, Kathleen will be an advocate who can find solutions to problems. Ms. Tate served in the US Air Force, worked in the business world, raised her son alone, all while being an advocate for those who couldn’t speak for themselves. Kathleen believes we need to invest in Ohio’s people in the areas of public education, healthcare, jobs and the economy and fair taxation. She will work for innovative solutions to serve the people of Ohio.

InduHeadshot_resize.pngIndu Rajan for Delaware County Auditor. With a B.S. in Computer Science and an MBA, Indu Rajan is well-prepared to take on the Auditor’s office in Delaware County. Indu will use her experience with modern financial technologies to run an efficient operation at the Auditor’s office while being fiscally responsible. She lives in Dublin with her husband and twin daughters. Indu is an active member of her community, a volunteer, a school PTO chair, Girl Scout leader, and a substitute teacher. See Indu’s interview with OH Democratic Women’s Caucus.


Aileen Wagner for Delaware County Commissioner. Aileen was inspired to run during the 2016 election. Each week, as phone bank volunteers arrived at her home, she heard newcomers realize they weren’t the only Clinton supporters in the area. As a grassroots activist for most of her life, Aileen wants to grow that sense of community. She is a small business owner who believes planning for growth in Delaware County is key to continuing economic growth while ensuring that all residents benefit. A mother and an educator, Aileen is committed to making sure all children have access to quality education in a safe environment.