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This issue’s Member Spotlight is focused on Pam Warrick-Schkolnik

Tell us about where you grew up:
I was born and raised in Newark, Ohio with strong Democrat parents who always took me with them when they went to vote – so I became interested early on in the political process.  As a senior at Newark High School, I was one of two students chosen to attend the Presidential Classroom for Young Americans and spent a week in Washington, D.C.  The highlights of that week for me were meeting with Senator John Glenn at his Senate office and also meeting Congresswoman Barbara Jordan.

Tell us about what you do these days:
As an undergraduate at The Ohio State University, I worked as a canvasser for Ohio Public Interest Campaign. After receiving my BA in Psychology from OSU, I went on to earn my Master’s and PhD in School Psychology (also from OSU) and my time and attention were consumed with school, then career and family.  I currently work as a Psychologist for Westerville City Schools and also work as a Psychoeducational Consultant. I moved to Westerville/Delaware County with my husband, Paul, in 1991 and have lived there for 28 years.  We have two adult children, Brett who is 26 and Caroline, who is 19 years old.  

Pam Warrick Schkolnik (right)

How did you become involved in politics:
I became politically active again in an effort to recover from the devastation of the 2016 election.  My daughter (who was a junior at Westerville South High School at the time) and I attended the Women’s March in Washington D.C. in January 2017. Inspired by the March, I became involved with Indivisible 12 in the summer of 2017 gathering signatures for the initiative to end gerrymandering. I began attending Thursday protests at Pat Tiberi’s office and numerous other marches and protests.  One of my favorite events was the healthcare protest at Rob Portman’s office when we lay down on the sidewalk in front of Portman’s office – in the rain – symbolizing those who would die from lack of healthcare.  

What other activities are you involved in:
I am also involved with Indivisible Westerville and have participated in many activities including speaking on the psychological impact of US Government policies on immigrant children and families at the Lights for Los Ninos (2018) and Lights for Liberty (2019) events.  I have been an active supporter of the LGBTQ Nondiscrimination Ordinance that is hopefully soon to be passed by Westerville City Council.  I have also been involved in collecting signatures for Ohioans for Gun Safety’s initiative to close background check loopholes in gun sales. I am a member of Moms Demand Action and I attended hearings and gave testimony against HB 178 at the Ohio Statehouse last summer.  

And what brought you to the Delaware County Democratic Party:
Through Indivisible 12, I met Mindy Hedges, who asked me to run for the Delaware County Democratic Central Committee for Westerville Precinct F – so I did – and here I am!   I have regularly participated in canvassing for Delaware County candidates. One Saturday prior to the 2018 election, my husband and I were canvassing a turf in the city of Delaware and ran into Kris Jordan – the Republican candidate for District 67 State Rep – also canvassing the same turf! I think the most fun I have had as a Dela Dem was procuring the beer helmet that was presented to Ed Helvey in honor of Brett Cavanaugh at last year’s Winter Holiday Party.

Your final thoughts:
I think the most important contribution I have made is setting an example of activism for my two children.   Both of my children are politically aware, informed and increasingly politically active.   I am hopeful that the growing involvement of young people in the political process will create a blue tidal wave that will win the White House in 2020!– Edited by Mindy Hedges