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The Monmouth poll showed 44 percent of respondents planned to vote for Balderson, while 43 percent were backing O’Connor in what will be the final congressional special election before the November midterms. These results are now too close to call, and the gap has been closing fast over the past 2 weeks.

Internal polling showed Valentine is also tied. Decision Desk HQ just moved the 19th Senate race to TILT BLUE!

Cordray/Dewine – Virtual tie – most recent poll by Akron U 36-37 (Dewine 1%, but within margin of error of 3%)

In a September Marist poll, Brown was winning 56 percent of independents, 70 percent of moderates and even 17 percent of conservatives. Education is maybe the most telling indicator of voter preference in the Trump era and Brown performed respectively with white non-college voters, with 42 percent of the vote.

RCP Average: Brown +16.0
RCP Ranking:
 Likely Dem
Key 2018 Races:
 Governor | Senate | OH-12 | OH-14

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