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DCDP Chair, Peg Watkins

Seven days. With all the tension, stress, anticipation, and cautious hopes, we need to BE SUPPORTIVE – of all of our candidates, as well as of each other. In these last few days, we need to KEEP UP THE MOMENTUM that we have been building for so long. Please take a moment to review the Canvassing and Phone-banking opportunities for our final (long) weekend  on our website and Facebook page.

Thank you to all who have already canvassed, made phone calls, hosted fundraisers or other gatherings, written checks, sent postcards, put signs in your yard, and encouraged your neighbors to vote for our very good candidates. I’m extremely grateful to our local candidates who have taken on a very difficult challenge. In a county where many Democrats have felt they were alone for so long, Indu Rajan and Aileen Wagner each received more than 7,000 votes in the May Primary.

The momentum has been building. Our state-wide down-ballot candidates are all either leading or are within the margin of error. Rich Cordray is running neck and neck with DeWine. The latest polls are showing a toss-up for the U.S. 12th District (Danny O’Connor) and “leaning Democrat” for Ohio Senate District 19 (Louise Valentine).

Indu Rajan and Aileen Wagner have been tirelessly campaigning for County Auditor and Commissioner and organizing postcard events. Please let them know if you can help. Our Blue Wave Blowout at Highbanks Park this past Saturday (Oct. 27) was a big success. Even on the coldest, rainiest day this season, we sent out over 30 canvassers!

As we mourn yet more senseless killings at a grocery store in Kentucky, the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, and the terrorism of pipe bombs in the mail, we pledge to do more than think and pray. Fred Guttenberg’s visit to Delaware demonstrated his active response to the tragedy of losing his daughter in the Parkland High School shooting. The presence of many members of Moms Demand Action showed the power of working together to create change.

Mathew Shepard, a gay man viciously murdered in 1998, was laid to rest in the mighty fortress of the National Cathedral last Friday.

Cory and Megan Hoffman just welcomed a beautiful baby boy into their lives, and Cory has gained publicity for his lighthearted, entertaining campaign video for Ohio House District 67.

Right NOW, we need to put all our efforts into getting out the vote (GOTV). You can still knock doors, make phone calls, display yard signs, pass out slate cards at the Early Vote Center, and volunteer to support the GOTV effort at four staging locations: Powell, Lewis Center, Westerville, Delaware City. You can sign up at any of the locations via our website (www.ohiodelawdems.org) Saturday 9:00 am through Tuesday 7:00 pm.

Tuesday, November 6 is the LAST DAY to VOTE. We’ve worked hard, we’ve come so far, and Delaware County is in the nation’s spotlight. One of our phone bankers shared a message she got from an 80-year-old voter who said she will be voting for all Democrats on the ballot. “We need to push the Blue Wave all over the Orange Crush.”