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My calendar is marked with the number of days until November 6, as well as how many remain until the beginning of Early In-person Voting. I just want to take a moment to let you know about many good things that are happening to support the Democratic Party in Delaware County.

Messaging is really important and has been discussed greatly in the media. The Democratic Party has been listening, and Colleen Lowry from ODP was at our Central Committee meeting to share this wonderful messaging strategy (see related article in our newsletter).

Outreach to voters: Beginning October 10, the Ohio Democratic Party will be “chasing” requests for absentee ballots with a Persuasion Endorsement mailer in order to ensure that these likely Democratic voters have a complete list of Democrats on their ballots. In addition, ten days before Election Day, this mailer will go out to all voters with an 80+ Democratic Support Score and a 40+ Turnout Score. The number of households in Delaware County is estimated at just over 9,000 households, reaching 11,881 voters with high Democratic Support Scores. ODP is covering 60% of this cost, which is a great savings that is possible by working together.

ODP provides training for Candidates as well as other Party members who are involved in Canvassing through the Mainstreet program.

With so many races this fall, it is easy to get confused about how best to contribute. In addition to individual candidates, our Democratic Party candidates are organized in two major groups, the “Coordinated Campaign” or Campaign for Ohio (CFO), and our local candidates, banding together as “New Leadership for Delaware.”

The Coordinated Campaign, or CFO, includes Senator Sherrod Brown, candidate for the US House of Representatives Danny O’Connor, as well as state candidates: Governor/Lt. Governor Rich Cordray and Betty Sutton, Steve Dettelbach for Attorney General, Zack Space for Auditor, Kathleen Clyde for Secretary of State, and Rob Richardson, Jr. for State Treasurer. Fred Young is our county Field Organizer for the CFO. Fred can often be found at our Party Headquarters, or he can be reached at: fyoung@ohiodems.org or 740.965.5961

New Leadership for Delaware includes Louise Valentine for Ohio Senate District 19, Ohio House Districts 67 & 68, Cory Hoffman and Kathleen Tate, Indu Rajan for County Auditor and Aileen Wagner for County Commissioner. The Ohio Democratic Senate Caucus and the Ohio Democratic House Caucus provide some help to Louise, Cory, and Kathy. Our Party’s committee on Campaigns and Candidates also provides help to all of our local candidates.

In addition, our Party has been working within our geographic regions to provide another more personal layer of support for our candidates. Each region is developing its own leadership and ways of getting to know each other and promote our candidates. Thanks to all who have canvassed, written postcards, hosted meet and greets or fundraisers, etc. These regional efforts supplement what we can do as a County Party.

You can find opportunities to volunteer in our newsletter. If you would like to get involved and don’t know where to start, go to https://ohiodeladems.org/volunteer/ and fill out the form. Our coordinators will contact you with opportunities!

Keep it up!

Peg Watkins

Chair, Delaware County Democratic Party