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Note:    Due to the Coronavirus and quarantine requirements ordered by the Governor, the regular monthly meeting in March was cancelled and appropriate notice was provided.


Tonight’s meeting was opened using the ‘Zoom’ conferencing option.  The meeting was opened under the moderation and guidance of Melanie Farkas with the support of Aileen Wagner and Cara Posey.   It was also monitored by representatives from ODP, Bill DeMora & Simon Dallas.


After reasonable time for everyone to join, the meeting was opened by the Chair Peg.  With a quorum present, the general meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm.  Attendance will reflect that there were 74 persons signed in. Melanie showed a slide of the flag and Peg led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Melanie provided instructions as to the process of order and how participation would take place.


Old business  –  In this matter, Peg addressed the previous meeting minutes.  She asked for any questions, changes or corrections.  Denise McCandless brought the matter that the new At Large additions from the previous meeting had not been noted.  Those being John Calvert & Sharon Emley, who were sworn in at that meeting.     Motion was made to accept those meetings with the notice of correction, by Mindy Hedges and seconded by Susan Binau.  With 53-0 votes noted – the motion is approved.

Moving on, John Schmarr reviewed the treasurer’s reports for both March & April.  No discussion followed and motion to approve was made by Ed Helvey, seconded by Tony Yankus.  Votes of 55-0 approved the motion.

It was noted that the Gazette is soon to feature an article about the Parker Scholarship we offer and will list the recipients and their history and goal details.


New business –    Peg introduced our guest speaker, John O’Donnell, candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court.  He relayed the impact of the pandemic, wrist bands, temps, etc.  He emphasized the importance of following directives from our advisors.  He encouraged awareness of the responsibility of the Court to remain neutral and must act as an independent voice for all the people.  Such is not the case now with the current 5R-2D seats.  We would much rather like a 4-3 better balance.  Although he is unable to appeal financial support, Ed Helvey spoke in his support.  John also took mention of the fact that his opponent is a Republican.  Her name is Kennedy and that name has long been associated with Democrat connection.  Her name recognition could be a draw for uninformed voters. He asks us to provide education by word of mouth on that.   He voiced appreciation for the invitation to be with us and welcomes our continued support.  Peg said there are hopes to provide sample ballots when it closer to the election date and ODP might help raise funds for the judges race.  Peg thanked Mr. O’Connell for coming to be with us. 

She also reminded of the gerrymandering which we would like realigned.

Peg shared the results of the Primary election.  The results indicate a major change over in party dominance, as many former Republicans have elected to vote Democratic. (additional data from Anthony Saadey later).  She received a call from David Pepper @ ODP complimenting Delaware County for the climb in Dems. 

John Hartman gave thanks for the support everyone gave him & Jacob Fathbruckner as write-in on the ballot. They were both successful.  He said it was remarkable and on the way to putting an end to the other party dominance.

Donna voiced that the other candidates were involved in another meeting.


Peg stated that there were 76 CC reps elected on the ballot and she recognized the top ten vote getters.

Late Tuesday evening the unofficial results were accepted and after 10 days, all ballots should be received and tabulated.  On 5/19 the official results will be formally approved.   Then in 6-15 days after, the re-org meeting must be held according to our local bylaws and ODP.   That date will be coordinated via Bill DeMora and will be done as a webinar (instead of Zoom).   Elections of the new leadership will be held as an open vote process.   Votes will be cast similar to tonight’s system. 

In the past, we offered brief bios of persons seeking and office and then had prepared ballots for offices with multiple nominations.

In the future, persons desiring to be added to Executive Committee, post-election, will be requested to complete an application and offered a brief intro opportunity to speak prior to add-on.

The question was raised by Judy Carpenter regarding availability of email data for members.  It was declared that it is a privacy concern.   Emails are provided to us without owner’s permission to use outside of the DCDP needs.


Peg introduced Leanna Havel, as the Biden campaign field organizer.  There is not yet certainty regarding an office/location.   She will be more visible as time goes on.


Peg informed us that ODP is hiring for paid positions.  Further interest can be found on the website and Resumes can be submitted.


Anthony Saadey, Deputy Director of the BOE gave a big shout out to Indu, John Helwig, Barb, and Donna for their help throughout the election.  Their office has been open and working daily throughout the quarantine.  It has been a long and grueling period.    It is quite over yet but everyone will carry on as needed.    There is some good news and not so good news – that is – there was a loss of 204 Ds that went to Rs.  However, on the other hand –  there were 3499 changes from R to D.


Joyce Bourgault was recognized and she showed a sample of the masks she has.


Peg expressed thanks to everyone for dealing with the challenges of this meeting, but thanked Melanie and Aileen for their efforts and planning.  Time was limited, so with no further business or discussions, Peg asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting.    Motion was made by Mallory Watts and seconded by Heather Karr.  Meeting closed.


Respectfully submitted,


Barbara Berry,  sec