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It was a packed house for the September 13th Central Committee Meeting. As usual the meeting was moved up to the second Thursday because of the Little Brown Jug the following Thursday. We heard from our local candidates including Danny O’Connor, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, whose energy and passion seem to keep getting stronger as he continues to tirelessly crisscross the seven counties in the 12th district. He reminded us that “our fight didn’t end on August 7th, our fight didn’t end a couple of weeks ago when the certified the election, our fight has JUST STARTED.”

Our Delaware Candidates:

Louise Valentine reminded there are only 54 (now 39) more days before election and we still need canvassing, postcard writing, phone calls, door hangers and yard signs put up.

Cory Hoffman he has been endorsed by the Teamsters. He is planning a fundraiser on Sun Oct. 14th possibly at the Township hall. He said he appreciates all the efforts from everyone and said he feels like he has a great team “we’re in the 4th quarter – let’s just finish this!”

Kathleen Tate although she only covers a portion of our county, she appreciates the help she has had. She asked for any questions from the group in an effort to be prepared for how she can best assist her voter followers.

Aileen Wagner & Indu Rajan are working jointly on their campaigns and have cards and literature available. Events are planned at different locations especially for postcard writing and canvassing. Together they requested some party financial support. Their request was for a total of $1970.00 (advertising and materials) and the motion passed to fund their request.

Other key messages shared during the meeting:

  • The results of Congressional District 12 Special Election will have a strong impact on the General Election. It was an opportunity to dry-run our GOTV (Get out the Vote) tools. We did great in places we have not been competitive in for years.
  • 99 House districts are all filled, through to election. Bringing 99 Democratic House candidates through to election day has not happened since the 1960s!
  • Polling: Sherrod Brown is consistently leading Renacci. Rich Cordray is running very tight with DeWine. Every vote in this cycle is very important. All the statewide races are very important. We’re in a better place than we’ve been in the past. Candidates are staying “within the margin”.
  • 13 regional field directors, 85 field organizers, and a Voter Protection Director are on the team.
  • Announced the “Smallest 50-County Engagement Program”. Democrats are not going to win the small counties, but we have to lose them by less.

For a complete record of the meeting, minutes will be posted prior to the October meeting.

-DCDP newsletter staff writers