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Emma Jones

Emma Jones – Delaware County Municipal Clerk of Court
n her role as a public defender in Delaware County, she works hard to ensure her clients have a fair opportunity to be heard before an impartial tribunal. She is dedicated to upholding the dignity and decorum of the court and of our legal system as a whole. Outside of court, Emma has volunteered with Legal Aid Society, Andrews House Legal Clinic of Delaware, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Ohio State Bar Foundation to advocate for children and youth, the homeless and other low-income members of our community. She has led petition drives to draw attention to the need for safe passage from our distant neighborhoods to the center of town via bike paths and pedestrian walk-ways. These are all examples of her commitment to community service.

The primary function of the Clerk is to ensure that the administration of the Court operates smoothly and efficiently and to ensure that all of the people and pieces of information are in place so that the Court is able to administer justice fairly and timely for all residents of Delaware County and beyond. As a licensed attorney who actually practices in Delaware Municipal Court, Emma takes a personal interest in the mission of effective administration of the Court’s backroom operations where the news cameras, reporters, and community at large never see. Errors and inefficiencies in the processes and procedures of any court can cause unnecessary delays in court hearings, or worse, mismatching records of defendants with other people with similar names.

Besides the law degree, Emma has a Master of Business Administration degree from Case Western Reserve University and the Weatherhead School of Management. She majored in Banking & Finance and also entrepreneurship. She has over 30 years of work experience in office management, budgeting, forensic accounting, event planning, human resources, payroll, health insurance administration, and customer service to name a few administrative skills. Emma is a native of Youngstown, where she grew up in a working-class neighborhood until she was able to earn scholarships for college. Emma was a University Scholar at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Studies (language and linguistics track) and Russian Area Studies.

In her limited free time, Emma plays ice hockey, runs 5Ks (at a glacial pace), and canvasses her neighborhood to educate her neighbors about issues and candidates. Emma enjoys gardening, knitting, and listening to live music with friends. Her loyal companion is an Affenpinscher named Machito.

Please vote for Emma as the next Municipal Court Clerk, and if possible consider making a financial contribution to her campaign. And please do your part to sign up to volunteer to get out the vote in these next crucial days.