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Cory Hoffman is the Democratic candidate for District 67 of the Ohio House of Representatives in the mid-term election beginning with early voting on October 10. District 67 covers the western half of Delaware County.

Cory’s experience has well prepared him for this next stage of public service and civic duty. He served as a Petty Officer in the United States Naval Reserve and as an attorney for the Ohio Department of Commerce, prosecuting investment and securities fraud. He currently works in private practice advising individuals and small businesses throughout Ohio.

Cory’s vision for government extends beyond the current highly charged partisan environment. “If Democrats and Republicans can get along in the Navy, in the workplace and everywhere else in our great nation,” he affirms, “they ought to be able to do so in the Ohio General Assembly!

“We all have more in common than we think we do and I believe – that on almost any issue – Republicans and Democrats in the State House can work together again and find solutions to our most pressing challenges.”

With his experience protecting Ohioans from investment fraud and his working as a tax and business attorney, Cory can bring new ideas to the Statehouse. On his website, he suggests two initial emphases.

Education – Cory proposes that “the state of Ohio appropriates all necessary and sufficient revenue to the local school districts from a single, broad, state-wide tax base, so we can finally satisfy the Ohio Supreme Court’s order in DeRolph v. State and no longer finance public education with local property taxes.”

Representation for All – Cory would work to change “our current 99 Single-Member House Districts to 88 county-based, multi-member districts with proportional representation versus the current winner take all system, wherein only 50.1% of the citizens need to be represented.”

Cory is a lifelong Ohioan and a proud graduate of two of its great public universities – Bowling Green State University, where he studied Neuroscience and Philosophy, and Cleveland State University’s Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, where he earned his law Degree.

He lives in Delaware with his wife Megan and their daughter Mara. The family is getting ready to greet a new baby before the election!